Kalina Winska – May 2014

unnamed (3)Trillium, Hepatica, Yellow Trout Lily,

Dutchman’s Breeches, Bloodroot,

Twinflower, Milkweed, Bogbean…

oh , and Morel mushrooms.

These are the words – names I have learned during my stay in Good Hart. The names are tied to the images, and bring to mind all the hiking, walking and biking I have done while in the Residency Program.

I have collected them, the bright images of natural beauty, like I have collected the rocks from nearby beaches, the Petoskey stone, and the white birch bark in the shape of a crown.

I will treasure my collection and the memory of this unique place.

… All of that, of course, has been reflected in my art.

Thank you for this time and the precious names – images of nature that I am so lucky to take back with me.

Kalina Winska – May 2014

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