Amanda Hamilton – August 2017

Cross Village BeachGood Hart is a beautiful place and the space the residency is creating for artists is remarkable. In anticipating the residency, I hoped to make lots of painting and have time to read and research. I absolutely had time to do that here but what I didn’t expect was the extreme hospitality, warmth, and creativity of every aspect of life in Good Hart… from the care put into the garden, the preparation of meals, the conversations about creativity and the significance of art, to the beautiful night sky (a Perseid meteor shower!), and the lakeshore with its rocky gems.

I have been able to enjoy the rare and rich gift of time to be, to rest, to take long walks, to make and to learn. This residency allows for much more than just space to work, it allows an opportunity to be slow, to look closely, enjoy the beautiful natural world, and return to the dailiness of life with a new energy and perspective

Amanda Hamilton – August 2017

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