Mami Takahashi – June 2018

Mami Takahashi“In Praise of Shadow” is an essay on Japanese aesthetics by the Japanese author and novelist Junichiro Tanizaki. The essay is a comparison of light with darkness, and it is used to contrast Western and Asian cultures. The West, in its striving for progress, is presented as continuously searching for the light and clarity, while the subtle and subdued forms of oriental art and literature are seen by Tanizaki to represent an appreciation of shadow and subtlety, closely relating to the traditional Japanese concept of “sabi”.

“Tsrezurequsa / Essay in Idleness” is an essay by 13th-century monk Kenko about his daily observations of nature, surroundings, and his state of mind reflected by the environment.

During my stay, I made many Haiku/Tanka and was able to visualize them as my individual art practice. Thank you for the great hospitality, and community members to support my work!! I will miss being here.

Fly debris
Dusk and Iron
Baby Bump
Hungry raccoon
Prowl about for birdseeds

On ceiling
Hung over
Swinging stains

Mami Takahashi – June 2018

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