Meagan Lucas – September – October 2019

I arrived in Good Hart four weeks and two days after the release of my first novel, tired, a little beat up, and overflowing with impostor syndrome. 

I am not leaving the same person. 

I am physically restored. The beauty of this place – this apartment with its beautiful light and comfy bed, and the natural loveliness of Northern Michigan – the fresh air, and my evenings at the beach watching the waves crash and the sun fall into Lake Michigan.

Creatively, I just typed “the end” on the first draft of my second novel. It’s been more than a year and a half coming, writing is an awful lot like mining, groping around in the dark looking for something that will eventually shine, but I found a gem here in Good Hart and I’m astounded by the amount and quality of work I’ve done here. This residency has given me the time and the space to reconnect with my practice and my muse. To find the joy in the work and to fall in love with writing again.

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