Building for the Future

For the past five years, we have hosted artists and writers in a small studio apartment above a garage. While this has served us well the space has limited our ability to host artists requiring larger studio space, collaborating artists, artists requiring special accommodations and parent artists.

Building Plan:

Good Hart Artist Residency

In the spring of 2018, we began construction on a 1,100 square foot residence and a separate but co-located 576 square foot studio. The expected completion date is July 2019.

The new facility will allow us to:

  • operate year-round
  • host collaborating artists or writers
  • provide reasonable accommodations for those with disabilities
  • provide a dedicated studio space
  • host parent artists/writers

The new facility is located at 910 N. Lamkin Road, less than a 1/8th of a mile from our current location.

Good Hart Artist Residency - Residence Building

Residence Design

  • 1.5 stories – main floor and loft (approx. 1100 sq. ft. total)
  • master bedroom on the main floor, loft room for extra bedroom or workspace
  • 1.5 bathrooms
  • green building design with in-floor heating and R-70 insulation in ceilings
  • the first floor is designed to provide reasonable accommodations for those with disabilities

Good Hart Artist Residency - Studio

Studio Design

  • the studio is a separate building located about 30 feet of the residence.
  • 576 square feet in size
  • meets standards for accessible design (ADA)
  • designed with input from local artists and alumni artists
  • includes a covered porch area and a large hydraulic door to allow artists to experience their natural surroundings while they work

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