Jul 18 – 28, 2023

Alexa Allen

Alexa Allen was formally trained as a woodworker, at CCA in San Francisco, a foundation which gave her an education in contemporary craft. After moving back to Boulder, Colorado, she soon became interested in expanding her skill-set and learning another craft. She discovered leather goods and has been creating art and designing leather objects for the last 6 years. Her work includes,  private commissions, architectural leatherwork, and teaching leatherwork classes.

Her leatherwork has been featured in Martha Stewart Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, 5280 Home Magazine, and Modern in Denver magazine.

Artist statement

My current work utilizes both hand drawn graphics and wet molded; hand formed leather. My process starts with drawing ink designs on leather. I started this as a daily practice; the lines or circles I draw are repetitive and hinge on the unique and imperfect quality of the hand-drawn line. I have learned to embrace the inconsistency that occurs with the slightest involuntary movement. After I have created a design with ink on leather I wet-form the leather stretching and manipulating it onto various molds and objects; a process very similar to shoemaking. It is in this process that the piece comes alive! Because each piece is hand drawn and then wet molded they are all unique and sometimes become something other than I had imagined. Sometimes they are great failures as well! Each leather hide is different and behaves differently once it has been soaked in water, some forms come together easily while others need to be pushed and/or pulled. Final pieces are then conditioned and sometimes incorporate hand stitching, painting and gold leaf.

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