2023/early 2024 Residents

Author Christina Clancy - January 2023 - white women, blonde hair, wearing a blue top.
Writer Erin Langner - February 2023 - white women, wavy hair, wearing round glasses
Composer Daniel Henri Emond - Feb-Mar 2023 - White man, wearing round glasses and a checkered shirt.
Writer Laura Citino - MArch 2023 - White female, wearing round glasses and a dark top.
Songwriter/Composer Dillbilly - April - May 2023 - queer person wearing a jean jacket.
Artist/Designer Elgin Cleckley - May 2023 - Black man wearing round glasses, sport coat and a white shirt.
Artist Tylonn Sawyer - Juen 2023 - Black male wearing a black tee-shirt.
Visiting Artist Mary Coss - June 2023 - white women wearing round glasses and a dark top.
Artist Alexa Allen - July 2023 - white women, with long hair.
Artist Nathalie Miebach - August/September 2023 - white women, wearing red oval glasses, and a blue top. Standing in front of one of her colorful art pieces.
Writer Rebecca Nagle - September/October 2023 - Native American women, in a lacy top wearing beaded earrings.
Writer Karolina Letunova - October 2023 - white women with short dark hair, wearing a grey top.
Writer Sonya Lara - November 2023 - Mexican American women, with long brown hair.
Writer Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhran - December 2023 - mixed race, trans-male, with long brown hair and a beard.
Composer Daniel Loomis - January 2024 - white male with short blond hair wearing a blue button down shirt, holding an upright bass.
Composer Midori Larsen - February 2024 - an asian women with long dark hair, wearing an orange dress, with a yellow background.
Playwright Abbey Fenbert - March 2024 - White women, with long brown hair, oval glasses, wearing a green top in front of a red background.
Composer Susan Mayo - May 2024 - white women, holding a cello.