Residency FAQs


Which airport should I use and do you provide a pickup/drop-off service?  Do I need to rent a car?

The closest airport is the Pellston Regional Airport which is a 35-minute drive from the residence, and the Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City is a 2 hour drive.  You can request pickup and drop-off service from both of these airports. You do not have to rent a car during your stay but this is at your discretion. Transportation to community events and occasional trips into town can be provided upon request.  A bike is available for use in the local area.

Are transportation costs covered?

Transportation costs are the responsibility of the residents.

What is it like in the winter/summer in Good Hart?

Michigan weather can be unpredictable so please check weather websites for the forecasted conditions.  In the winter there will be ice and snow and some days it will be difficult and maybe not possible to get into town. Dress for the weather and layers are recommended.  You may need to shovel walkways and the porch though we have a service to plow the driveway. Winter is a very quiet time in Good Hart and residents should be ready for solitude.  The summers can be wonderful – bring your swimsuit! There are some pests to be aware of such as midges, mosquitoes, and ticks. The months of July, August and October are the busiest months of the year for tourism.  

What should I bring? 

You should bring the basics for traveling and be sure to dress for the weather.  Good shoes for hiking and walking the beach as well as slippers for the concrete floors are recommended.  Please bring art supplies and whatever professional materials you need for your creative work. We do have some basic art supplies, office supplies, tools and cleaning supplies that you can use.  If you are a visual artist and you will be participating in an Open Studio Saturday during your stay you should bring some examples of your work to show.

Can I receive/send mail?

All incoming resident mail should be sent to the host family address 1159 N. Lamkin Rd, Harbor Springs, MI 49740 and we will bring it to the residence. There is no mailbox at the residence (910 N. Lamkin Rd). Outgoing mail can be dropped off at the Good Hart General Store which is also the local post office.

Can I ship any supplies needed in advance?

Yes. Basic miscellaneous art supplies, drop cloths, mineral spirits and and rags are provided. All other painting/art supplies need to be provided by the artist and should be shipped well in advance of the residency. Local shopping for art supplies is limited. Ship supplies to 1159 N. Lamkin Rd, Harbor Springs, MI 49740

Where is the closest town with shopping?

Good Hart is home to three shops including The Good Hart General Store (and post office) Primitive Images (open seasonally) and A Studio (open seasonally). The Good Hart General Store is a short walk from the residence and provides some deli items and baked goods but the grocery supply is limited.  There is a small IGA grocery store in Harbor Springs about a 25-minute drive away and there are many larger grocery stores in Petoskey about a 40-minute drive.


What food is provided?

About a month before a resident’s arrival we send an orientation email which includes a form for the resident to list groceries that they would like to have on hand. We do the grocery shopping for you! A resident can also notify us of any food allergies or dietary restrictions at that time.  We can accommodate most dietary preferences. We stock the kitchen with basic groceries that the resident can use to prepare meals. When in season, fresh produce is provided from the host’s garden. A dinner is provided by a local host or community volunteer once a week. The dinner can be dropped off at the residency or it can be shared in an outdoor setting. The residency is known for locally sourced and homemade foods and a nurturing atmosphere.

Is there WiFi and cell service onsite?

There is high speed Wifi internet available at the residency. Cell service may be undependable and varies by carrier. You may be able to connect to the internet for WiFi calling. There is no television at the residence.

Is there air conditioning/heat?

The residence has in-floor heating and a split unit for supplemental heating and air conditioning.  We ask that both be operated in an environmentally friendly manner.

Can I do laundry at the residence?

Yes, there is a stacked washer/dryer unit in the residence and laundry detergent is provided. There is also a clothes drying rack, a small ironing board, and an iron.

Will I have the residence and studio space to myself?  

If you applied as an individual you will have the residence and studio space to yourself. The exception is that the public is invited to Open Studio Saturday events and we host occasional local meetings such as book clubs at the residence. You are a guest in our residency space and there are times the community will have access. You will be informed at the start of your residency stay of any scheduled community events. If an interested artist or writer contacts us to tour the facilities while we have a resident, we work with the resident to arrange a convenient time.

Can I share the space with another artist, writer or composer?

If residents want to collaborate with another artist, writer, or composer, they both must apply separately as collaborators.

What is your guest/visitor policy?

The intent of the Good Hart Artist Residency is to provide a solitary residency experience, so the resident can focus on their creative work.  Overnight guests/visitors are not allowed without prior approval.  

Can I bring a pet or emotional support animal?

Although we love animals, pets are not allowed on the residency property. The exception is a service animal specifically trained to aid an individual with a disability. We do not accommodate support animals.

Would a disabled person be allowed to bring a caregiver or support person?

Yes, if that is what a resident would need to feel comfortable and productive in their living and working environment.  The facilities have been designed with accessibility in mind. Please contact Bill Klco to review our accessibility plan and to determine if the residency and studio space will meet your needs. 

Is there an offsite option?

In situations where we are unable to fully support the residency onsite, we will work to offer an offsite version of the residency where we support the artist virtually.

Parent Artists

How do you support parent artists?

In addition to the standard $500.00 stipend, a parent-applicant can apply for a childcare grant of $1,000. One of these grants will be awarded. The intent of the grant is to help with the cost of dependent childcare at the resident’s home base while they attend a residency in Good Hart. All parent-artist applicants may apply for these funds including artists, writers, and composers, and for any residency time slot. Applying for a childcare grant will not impact the jury process regarding your application.  For more information please see our parent residency page.

Medical Information

Where is the closest medical center/pharmacy?

We are located about a 45-minute drive from McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital and there are other walk-in clinics in the Petoskey area.  The closest pharmacy is located 25 minutes away in Harbor Springs and there are major chain pharmacies in Petoskey 40-45 minutes away by car.  Good Hart Artist Residency hosts cannot provide medical care.

Expenses / Funding

Do you provide scholarships or financial aid?

Artists, writers, and composers are awarded a $500.00 USD stipend upon successful completion of their residency stay.  One grant for applicants selected for the parent artist residency program is available and will randomly be assigned.  Unfortunately, additional scholarships or other sources of financial aid are not provided by the Good Hart Artist Residency.


What is the selection process?

We use Submittable for the online application and selection process. Applications are reviewed by a panel of qualified jurors. We offer one curated residency time slot for the Elevating Diverse Voices Residency program; the Elevating Diverse Voices program is not open to applications.

I practice more than one type of art. Can I apply as a hybrid artist?
No. Each category (visual artist, writer, composer) is judged by a jury with expertise in that area, and they are unable to fairly review other types of work. Please pick your strength and apply to that category. However, if you are selected, you are free to practice your creativity in whatever way you see fit once you are here, and you would be welcome to work in hybrid fashion.

Additional Questions?

If you have additional questions we recommend you review our residency guide.