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Our current open call is now closed.

Our next open call will be in December 2023 for residencies to be scheduled in 2024 and early 2025.

Residency Dates for 2024 and Early 2025 will be posted by December 1, 2024

Residency Dates for 2023 and Early 2024

These are the residency dates that were offered in our last open call which closed on January 11, 2023. We are offering flexibility in scheduling the length of a residency stay. Selected residents will pick a 10-day minimum up to a 21-day maximum residency stay within the following windows of time listed below.

Visual Artist Specific Dates:

  • May 9-29, 2023
  • July 12-29, 2023 (in collaboration with Harbor Springs Farmers Market – community arts engagement)
  • August 1-31, 2023 

Writer Specific Date:

  • September 20 – October 3, 2023 (in collaboration with Harbor Springs Festival of the Book)

Open to visual artist, writers, composers:

  • October 6 – 26, 2023 
  • November 1-19, 2023 
  • December 1-17, 2023 
  • January 10-30, 2024 
  • February 2-23, 2024 
  • March 1 – 27, 2024

Please note: The studio space is not available for use from November through April, since we do not heat it during the colder months.  If a visual artist is interested in applying for a residency during the colder months, consideration should be given to their artistic practice and if it can be done successfully without a designated studio space. If a studio space is needed for your work then you must apply for time slots offered between May 1 and October 31.

Residency Includes:

  • A 10-21 day residency stay in a private, 1,150 sq. ft. home (selected residents are provided a window of time within which they have the flexibility to schedule a stay between 10-21 days in length)
  • Residencies between May – October have use of a detached, private studio space and basic art supplies
  • All food provided, including a fully-stocked and well-equipped kitchen, homemade baked goods, and locally sourced ingredients. 
  • $500.00 stipend
  • Solitary time in a scenic environment, to work, reflect, and recharge, as well as the opportunity for community engagement
  • For parent artists, we are offering childcare grants of $1,000 to three selected residents to help with the cost of dependent childcare at their home base while they attend a residency in Good Hart. All parent-artist applicants may apply for these funds including artists, writers, and composers, and for any residency time slot. For more details see our parent residency page.

Application Requirements

Applicants must be pursuing their art, writing, or composing as a professional career. We understand that life is a journey and you may be working toward this goal. Applicants are considered on the basis of their submitted work, interest in the program, and proposed community engagement. Please review our Inclusion and Diversity and Partnership information.

Applications must include:

  • Resume/CV
  • Statement of intent: tell us about your art, what inspires you, and what you plan to work on during the residency if selected.
  • Brief summary of a proposed community engagement event or educational workshop to be offered during your residency in collaboration with a local partner. The applicant should indicate in their application if there is a specific partner they would like to work with; otherwise, based on the description of the proposed community event, the Good Hart Artist Residency will try to find a local non-profit partner that aligns. Once a candidate is selected they will work with the Good Hart Artist Residency and a nonprofit partner to plan and coordinate their community event. Note: Some time slots are reserved for specific partnerships. Please review our partner’s page for further information.
  • Contact information for two references (no letters required)
  • Application fee of $25.
  • Visual artists shall submit images of 6-9 examples of artwork. Images should include title, medium and creation date for each work submitted. It is recommended that recent work be submitted.
  • Writers shall submit three to five pages from a current work in progress and an excerpt of no more than five pages of a completed work. Samples of previously published work must include a link to the published work or information for accessing the published work.  Projects may be in poetry, short stories, novels, essays, plays, screenplays, and/or creative nonfiction.  Writing submissions must be in English, and easily accessible without fee by the jurors. 
  • Composers shall submit three digital music samples, which may include links to online content and/or live performance videos.


  • Collaborating artists must each submit an application. Collaborating artists who are awarded a residency are provided with shared housing and studio space. 
  • If you are experiencing financial hardship, please email before you apply, and at least 4 days prior to the open call close, regarding an application fee waiver. Please keep in mind that travel costs and obtaining a Visa, if needed, are the responsibility of selected residents.