February 4-18, 2022

Michele Battiste

Michele Battiste writes poems, essays, and stories. She also works for The Nature Conservancy raising money to fight climate change and protect nature. She is the author of three full-length poetry collections, including Waiting for the Wreck to Burn, which won the 2018 Louise Bogan Award from Trio House Press. Her writing has appeared in The RumpusAmerican Poetry Review, the Gettysburg Review and Women’s Studies Quarterly, among others. She lives in Colorado where she makes her way to the mountains when she can. 

While at Good Hart, Michele will work on The Elsewhere Oracle. The work combines poetry, oracle, and art to create a ghost story, an ecological fable, and a divination tool that demonstrates the connection between the environment and the reader. The poems are set in the abandoned and fictional town of Elsewhere, where people, places, and objects function as arcana. More reflection that prediction, the oracles offer readers a way to connect their own lives to the narrative. Priscilla Gonzalez, Colorado artist, and educator (not in residence) is Michele’s collaborator, creating the artwork that will comprise the oracle deck.  

To learn more about Michele, see her website at: michelebattiste.net

Community Event

Photos college of Michele Battiste's community event on February 10, 2022 - Writing Nature Into Your Story Writing Workshop