February 18 – March 4, 2021

Scott Dorsch

Scott Dorsch was born in Georgia, raised in Michigan. He is an M.F.A. Creative Writing candidate and Writing in the Wild Fellow at the University of Idaho. His fiction has appeared in The Midwestern Gothic. Beyond writing, he is a gardener, musician, and certified wildlife tracker with a rock-climbing obsession. He currently serves as the Fiction Editor for Fugue Literary Journal.

At Good Hart, Scott will continue working on his novel based on his short story, “Holes or Tunnels,” published in the Midwestern Gothic in the summer of 2018. Set in the dunes and shoreline of Lake Michigan, the novel follows a reluctant Park Ranger who gets wrapped up in a missing-persons case connected to the mysterious appearance of “bottomless” holes in the park’s vast dune system. With themes of loss, solastalgia, and survival, his novel works to make visible the threads that connect humans to wilderness and to each other. He’s very much looking forward to having the time and head-space to continue his work on the novel and to be re-inspired by the dunes, woodlands, and communities of Northern Michigan.

Community Event

Post Residency Feedback

I hit my writing goal, I skied, I ate bumpy cake, devoured Tom’s Mom’s Cookies, found signs of whitetail deer, porcupine, opossum, fisher, coyotes, bobcat, 5x woodpecker, bald eagles (They’re here!), a bunch of passerines and countless sunsets that would make Floridians cry. This place is a “layer of heaven”, and I am so glad I got to experience it for a little while.