Parent-Artist Residency Details

The Good Hart Artist Residency strives to make attending a residency possible for those underserved by traditional residencies.  In the case of parent-artists, we acknowledge that finding the time to attend a residency, while actively parenting, can be a challenge. We value creative people raising creative children and we want to support them by providing childcare grants.

Childcare Grant Details – For the 2023-early 2024 residencies, we are offering childcare grants of $1,000 to three residents to help with the cost of dependent childcare at their home base while they attend a residency in Good Hart. All parent-artist applicants may apply for these funds including artists, writers, and composers, and for any residency time slot.

Flexibility in Scheduling – We also provide flexibility in residency stay length and scheduling. A selected applicant has the opportunity to schedule a 10 – 21 day residency stay within a given window of time. Not all windows of time allow for a 21 day stay. This allows for a shorter or a longer residency stay depending on a parent’s needs. Given our rural location, please plan for a day of travel time to/from Good Hart when deciding on a length of stay.

Community Engagement – If a parent-resident decides to choose a shorter stay, then their community engagement would be limited to one event that would be no longer than a half day time commitment.

Applying for a childcare grant will not impact the jury process regarding your application. No on-site family residencies are offered in this current cycle. We are offering three stipends for home based care for dependents.

We are excited to offer these parent-artist childcare grants thanks to funding from the Sustainable Arts Foundation. The Sustainable Arts Foundation supports artist residencies in their efforts to make their programs more family-friendly.

For many parents, the financial, emotional, and logistical demands of raising a family make attending a traditional artist residency program impossible. Since 2013, Sustainable Arts Foundation has granted $790,000 to sixty-five residencies to help them make their opportunities more accessible to parent artists.

We thank them for their generous support.