Parent-Artist Residency Details

The Good Hart Artist Residency program offers two residency options that provide additional resources to parent artists. We strive to make attending a residency possible for those underserved by traditional residencies.  In the case of parent-artists, we acknowledge that finding the time to attend a residency, while actively parenting, can be a challenge. We value creative people raising creative children and we want to support them by providing these opportunities.  

Option 1: Childcare GrantAll applicants may apply. Two residents per year will be provided up to $700 in funds to help with the cost of dependent childcare at their home base while they attend a residency in Good Hart.

Option 2: Onsite ResidencyVisual artists are eligible to apply. A resident artist can bring up to two dependents and is required to bring a caregiver. Working with your schedule an up to two-week residency stay may be planned between June 8-29, 2022. This option includes a $1,400 additional stipend.

This residency opportunity allows for a parent to bring a caregiver, partner, or relative, and up to two dependents under the age of 18. Please see the information on our website regarding the facilities to determine if the cozy space offered will meet your needs.  In general, there is one downstairs bedroom with a door, an open upstairs loft with a queen sleeper sofa, and a double size futon in the downstairs main living area. The loft space is accessed by a stairway with wooden stairs and may not be suitable for use by young children.  A gate can be provided to block off access. The residence is climate controlled and laundry facilities are available on-site. The adjacent studio space is located approximately 30 feet from the residence.

The on-site residency includes free room and board and up to an additional $1,400.00 stipend. The residence is stocked with good food for meals the resident or caregiver can prepare. Most dietary restrictions can be accommodated.  

This area along Lake Michigan is a favorite destination for family vacation fun with many opportunities to explore nature through activities such as hiking, swimming and other water sports.  The Mackinac Bridge and Mackinac Island are located about 38 miles to the north. There are many recreational opportunities for children including local camps, though some of the camps fill quickly early in the year.

Good Hart Artist Residency is not responsible for finding care for the resident’s dependents. The supervision and care of dependents is the responsibility of the parent or their designated caregiver. Please let us know what other needs you have to make this a successful experience for you and those you bring with you. We will do the best we can to accommodate your needs or we will be open with you when we cannot.  

We are excited to offer these parent artist residencies in large part thanks to funding by the Sustainable Arts Foundation. The Sustainable Arts Foundation supports artist residencies in their efforts to make their programs more family friendly.

For many parents, the financial, emotional, and logistical demands of raising a family make attending a traditional artist/writer residency program impossible. Since 2013, Sustainable Arts Foundation has granted $630,000 to over fifty residency programs to help them make their opportunities more accessible to parent artists and writers.

We thank them for their generous support.