Amanda Hamilton – August 2017

Cross Village BeachGood Hart is a beautiful place and the space the residency is creating for artists is remarkable. In anticipating the residency, I hoped to make lots of painting and have time to read and research. I absolutely had time to do that here but what I didn’t expect was the extreme hospitality, warmth, and creativity of every aspect of life in Good Hart… from the care put into the garden, the preparation of meals, the conversations about creativity and the significance of art, to the beautiful night sky (a Perseid meteor shower!), and the lakeshore with its rocky gems.

I have been able to enjoy the rare and rich gift of time to be, to rest, to take long walks, to make and to learn. This residency allows for much more than just space to work, it allows an opportunity to be slow, to look closely, enjoy the beautiful natural world, and return to the dailiness of life with a new energy and perspective

Amanda Hamilton – August 2017

Bill Hosterman – May/June 2017

Good Hart BeachIn my other life – as a father, teacher, husband, house owner, and artist. I sometimes think: “If I only had a block of time in solitude: in the woods with amazing people – then I could accomplish some things.” That thought came true, and my four weeks have been truly special to me. If you are here as an artist, you will discover the rewards of being here: The peaceful nature of this place, the access to water and woods, and the opportunity to create unabated.

Bill Hosterman – May 2017

Joanna Hoge – May 2016

Johnsons preserve May 28, 2016, 12-29 PMWow, What an incredibly productive two weeks amidst glorious sunny weather, brilliant scenery, and excellent company.

This was probably the most optimal transition form my graduate program – the ability to hunker down and explore new ideas without the looming deadline of a critique or installation.

I appreciate the gift of time, not just the solo work hours in the studio, but the time you all spent with me on hikes, mushroom hunting excursions, and trips to other sites around here.

I can honestly say I learned quite a bit about plant life, seasons, various animals, and the moon – which has really galvanized the content and production of my work.

Joanna Hoge – May 2016


Kirsten Furlong – October 2015

Community Open HouseWhat a wonderful two weeks I have experienced here in Good Hart. Lots of time for quiet thinking, contemplation, and studio work. The studio was perfect for experimenting with some new materials and focused work with the familiar ones. Met so many enthusiastic and interesting people from the area during the workshop and open house. It’s really invigorating to meet people that respond to what you are doing in a positive way.

Lindsey Dunnagan – August 2014

View from Residency Apartment

I loved waking up every day in what feels like a treehouse – green leaves and trunks framing the windows. I loved walking through the small town of Good Hart and picking up a crepe or an ice coffee. Anyone who is lucky enough to stay here will have a hard time leaving. Good Hart is an enchanting place.

Lindsey Dunnagan – August 2014

Kalina Winska – May 2014

unnamed (3)Trillium, Hepatica, Yellow Trout Lily,

Dutchman’s Breeches, Bloodroot,

Twinflower, Milkweed, Bogbean…

oh , and Morel mushrooms.

These are the words – names I have learned during my stay in Good Hart. The names are tied to the images, and bring to mind all the hiking, walking and biking I have done while in the Residency Program.

I have collected them, the bright images of natural beauty, like I have collected the rocks from nearby beaches, the Petoskey stone, and the white birch bark in the shape of a crown.

I will treasure my collection and the memory of this unique place.

… All of that, of course, has been reflected in my art.

Thank you for this time and the precious names – images of nature that I am so lucky to take back with me.

Kalina Winska – May 2014